How To Play Online Roulette

Yes, online roulette is everywhere. No matter what online casino you visit, they’ll have some version of this amazing game that provides hours of entertainment to thousands on a daily basis. But how do you play online roulette?

Firstly, check out the table limits on the game you’re playing and make sure you’re happy to play those limits and that your bankroll will survive! There’s nothing quite like going through to an exciting table and then emptying your pockets after a few spins!

Secondly, try to find a European or French wheel rather than an American wheel. The difference here is that the European wheels have a lower house edge, as they only have one green zero as opposed to the American double-zero wheel. That makes a big difference since the green slots (as opposed to the red or black slots) represent the house and aren’t included in the better bets meaning that you’ll lose right away if the green comes up.

Place your chips on the number or category of numbers you’d like to bet on, and watch the wheel spin. If the ball lands on the number you bet on, or on a number that falls under the category you bet on (such as red, black, odd or even) you win and you get your winnings placed on top of your original bet. If you lose, the dealer will clear the table of your chips. That’s basically how to play online roulette. Enjoy!