With technology advancing faster than we can wrap our heads around, it’s no surprise that casinos are getting in on the technological advancement game. They’re replacing dealers an shuffling with machines, they’re replacing tables with touch screens, and now they’re replacing roulette tables, boards, and wheels with electronic systems as well. The name of the game is Rapid Roulette, and it might just be the most deceptive game in a casino yet.

Roulette and Slot MachineRapid Roulette has been utilized in casinos throughout Australia and Macau for quite some time, giving their growing venues a maximized use of floor space. By eliminating the table, they’re making more room for people to place bets on their touch screens. In Rapid Roulette, the bets are placed electronically with the touch of a button, and a video or recording of a wheel being spun replaces the physical wheel and dealer. It is in this nature of the game that it becomes tricky to distinguish whether you’re really playing roulette or whether this is just a glorified slot machine.

While the structure of the roulette game and rules remain in tact for the Rapid Roulette screens, it’s the game play itself that gets a little murky. Without a physical wheel, it’s hard to tell whether or not the game is fixed by the casino to increase their edge. With the ability to control screens and electronic games from a single computer, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this could very well be a game that’s being manipulated to give the casino the lowest possible payout.

For that reason, the strategy for whether or not to play these alleged Roulette variations should be as follows. If you don’t see any kind of physical wheel in person or on a video screen being spun in live time, don’t trust the game. If it’s a recording of a real wheel being spun, be aware it might be pre-recorded, but it could be on the up and up. However, digital renderings of a roulette wheel programmed into the game are a red flag – in these cases, you’re simply playing a glorified slot machine and there’s very little chance you’ll have much luck at all.

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