A 56-year old roulette dealer at a Pennsylvania casino is facing conspiracy charges after telling gamblers about so-called lucky numbers during a game of roulette. Robert Valle – who is one of the most popular roulette dealers at the Meadows Casino – is being charged by Washington, Pennsylvania city officials for helping aid a customer with illicit gambling assistance.

Gaming Experts and Co-workers Support Valle

Roulette-DealerThe accusations made against Valle by Washington’s government officers are interesting from a legal standpoint. This is because all gaming experts who have examined Valle’s case argue that there is no possible way for the roulette dealer to manipulate or influence the way the ball hits the roulette wheel.

Bill Zender, a gaming scientist based out of Winnipeg, Canada, says that it is absolutely impossible for Valle to alter the roulette ball’s eventual landing spot. In addition to support from experts like Zender, Robert Valle is also receiving spiritual support from his colleagues at the Meadows Casino.

Valle’s co-workers claim that he did nothing wrong when he allegedly told gamblers about potential winning number. Instead, Valle’s colleagues suggest that he was promoting a convivial casino atmosphere, something that all casino dealers should strive to do.

Setting a Legal Precedent

One of the most troubling aspects of Robert Valle’s conspiracy case is that it could set a possible legal precedent. A manager at Meadows Casino, Danny Gilles, said that if Valle were convicted, casino employees will lose their legal rights. Gilles even fears that a conviction would make casino dealers into the puppets of law enforcement officials.

Robert Valle claims that all he was doing when he was guessing lucky roulette numbers was providing excellent customer service. Valle will lose his casino dealer license if he loses his case.

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